Big Mac Special Sauce: #macitbetter

McDonald’s: #Macitbetter
DDB Sydney
Everyone loves Big Mac Special Sauce. So for the very first time, DDB took the sauce outside the burger. Limited edition bottles were produced and #001 was auctioned on eBay. It sold for over $20,000. DDB Sydney challenged Australia to ‘mac’ anything better with limited edition Special Sauce tubs. Which they did in their thousands, ‘Mac’ing’ everything from fish and chips to haute cuisine; better.

Limited edition bottles, individual serving tubs, vending machines as well as vans were all skinned in the new Macca’s Brand Reset look and feel.

The campaign was awarded a Bronze Lion at Cannes this year.

Chief Creative Officer: Toby Talbot
Creative Director: Cam Hoelter
Creative Team: Ellie Jones & Avani Mann
Design Direction: Domenic Bartolo



macB_1B2 macB_1B3 macB_1B4