Daughter Water

The Daughter Water campaign looks to raise awareness about gender pay gap within organisations and speak directly to Australian CEOs who have not yet undertaken an analysis, or are not currently taking action in this area.

Leaders who have taken action on gender equality often talk about a light bulb moment that helped them see gender equality issues in a different light. For many, this moment involved having a daughter. (Indeed, international research backs it up, showing that when CEOs have a daughter, the pay gap shrinks in their organisation).

To raise awareness of the importance of looking at payroll data to ensure women and men are being paid fairly, DDB and the WGEA have created Daughter Water, a drink to help CEOs have daughters. Bottles of Daughter Water were sent to over 3,000 CEOs who told us they haven’t done a gender pay gap analysis.

This campaign won a Bronze Pencil at Australian Award in the Branding & Content category.

Via DDB Sydney:

CCO: Toby Talbot
Creative Director: Jen Speirs
Creative Team: Chris Crawford and Kim Fraser
Design Direction: Domenic Bartolo
Production: Brett Griffiths