Drop Into Macca’s mobile game

Drop Into Macca’s is a mobile phone game launched by McDonald’s via DDB Sydney and 3rd Sense. The game is centred around the main character ‘Carl’ who jumps out of a cargo plane, collects coins and power-ups, avoids crazy animals and obstacles, and eventually drops down to the Macca’s store. If the player beats a daily target score, they can win food prizes which are redeemable with the phone over the counter at McDonald’s restaurants.

Working closely with the Creative Lead & Art Director Michael Ashton, I was responsible for illustrating and designing all the elements of the game, including characters, obstacles as well as the main hero picture.

The game has been a major success and is currently no.2 for overall free apps on the iOS store.


Via DDB Sydney

Chief Creative Officer – Toby Talbot
Deputy Executive Creative Director – Cam Hoelter
David Clarke – Digital Creative Director
Michael Ashton – Art Director
Laz Simons – Copywriter
Domenic Bartolo – Design & Illustration